Monday, July 10, 2006

In February 2006 I received an e-mail from a woman who claimed to have first hand knowledge of the camp. With her permission I am posting the first e-mail she sent to me. I have withheld information at her request.

Dear John S.,
I reached your website through the XXXXXXXXXX website forums page. On it I was surprised to read the words “Indian Lake Project”. My father was stationed at the camp that was known as the ILP in 1955. His name was XXXXXXXXXX, I’d be interested in knowing if his name is mentioned in any of the documents you have in your possession.
As a little girl I used to overhear my mother and father talking about the children of the ILP. I could tell you things that would make your jaw drop to the floor. You are close, but I can fill in the blanks.


His name WAS on the camp personnel manifest for ALL years – not just 1955.

There is absolutely no way anyone would know that name, and it’s connection to the Indian Lake Project, unless she was who she said she was. Before I immediately responded, I began to think that maybe this was somehow a way to, for whatever reason, gain my confidence and begin to manipulate me. I did not e-mail back for a 3 weeks while I went over it all in my mind. This was obviously someone who knew something. In March I finally decided to see where this journey was going to take me next and I responded. I have since learned a lot more about the ILP, the children, the experiments and the men and woman who worked there. I believe this person to be genuine, and will post more of her information soon.

On a side note I am sorry I have not posted as frequently as everyone would like. I am in a new city, at a new job and very much in over my head with this obsession.

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