Monday, March 08, 2010

I was recently made aware through an email about a “Facebook” account that uses this blog as a source of information. That Facebook account is NOT mine. The person, or persons, who started that page are acting on their own and I do NOT know them. I am not sure what they are up to, but if they misrepresent me in any way I will take action. This is very typical of what people will do (and have done) with me and my investigation. I am not saying it is a deliberate attempt at misinformation, but I would not be surprised.
Any content posted elsewhere on the internet, other than here, is NOT coming from me. This is the ONLY online source for information on the Indian Lake Project and my investigation.

I am sorry I don’t post very often anymore, but please understand I have concerns about when and how I should proceed. Things like this don’t help.

posted by John at 4:00 PM