Digging through emails today and found the following that was sent to me about a year ago. Reader Richard sent us the following:

My name is Richard. I own a YouTube channel named: FindingUFO
(www.youtube.com/findingufo). Where I upload all kind of personal and
received UFO sightings.

I saw you are also a fan of this mystery of UFO sightings and thought
maybe you want to share some of my great personal sighting of UFO’s.

Here below I have some great links to my video sightings. I’d love and
appreciate it if you could post some on your website. Thanks a lot for
your time to read this message. I’d like to hear a reply from you by
forwarding this email.

Some popular sightings on my channel:

UFO Sighting over Melbourne

UFO Sighting Above Manchester

UFO Caught on Tape Above Chile

UFO Sighting Above Brazil