Mr Mitchell with the Macarthur Chronicle in Australia sent this to me the other night and I wanted to pass it along. Be sure to click HERE to check out more from their site.

NEW evidence has emerged that spirits inhabit Narellan’s Studley Park House after a documentary crew claimed to have captured audio of a young girl moaning.

Microphones captured the sound on Friday, August 13, after psychic medium Debbie Malone guided the film crew to an upstairs room, Unreel Productions’ Rob Kerr said.

“We were up in a room where Debbie said there was the spirit of a young girl,” he said.

“We picked up what sounded like a young girl making some noise.”

He is certain of finding paranormal activity on 36 hours’ worth of static camera footage yet to be reviewed: “I’d be surprised if we didn’t get anything.

“We set up a few target objects in the smaller rooms, like a teddy bear and balloons. If we see any of those move by themselves, it will indicate paranormal activity.”

Built by grazier William Payne in the 1880s, Studley Park House’s various incarnations have included boarding school and army barracks.

No reported death of a young girl exists – 14-year-old Ray Blackstone drowned in a dam near the house in 1909, and Noel Gregory, 13, perished of appendicitis there in 1937.

But according to ghost tour guide Joanne Gulson, the spirit belonged to “Amelia”, whose violent rape and murder in a top-floor bedroom at age 8 went unrecorded.

“She looks like Shirley Temple,” the medium said. “She’s extremely playful; we left a toy there for her to play with.”

Earlier this year, roofing contractors claimed to have discovered a hangman’s noose dangling inside the house.

A building contractor restoring Studley Park, which is being remade into the Australian home of The Sir Henry Royce Foundation and a Rolls-Royce museum, declared himself a sceptic.

“I’ve been staying here overnight for the past 10 days and I’ve seen nothing,” Tom Duffy, 61, said.


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