I was recently emailed by Space Enigma Studios about an upcoming videogame that sounds interesting. Here’s what they had to say.

New files have recently been discovered that are of KGB and GRU
(soviet military intelligence agency) origin – the contents of said
files talk about extraterrestrial life. These files where given to
cosmonauts who are now developing a video game called Space Pioneer.
Space Pioneer will be based on scientific facts, hypotheses and
theories – one thing that our game addresses is the possible
existence of advanced alien civilizations, and we want to accurately
represent that within Space Pioneer.

For most of the 20th century; scientists actively sought to discover
signs of other-worldly life. In 1971, the Soviet Union hosted the
first international conference on the search for alien life, wherein
scientists from various countries agreed on a common strategy for the
search of intelligent extraterrestrial life – this strategy was
named SETI (Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Numerous
radio observatories are still making use of SETI.

On the 15th of August, 1997 – the radio telescope Big Ear, which
belongs to the Ohio State University Radio Observatory – received a
clear and strong signal from space that most likely was of artificial
origin. This signal was so significant that the person who found it
– Jerry R. Ehman – wrote, “Wow!” on the signal’s printout.
This is the name that was then given to this signal. The mystery that
surrounds this signal has yet to be uncovered. Space Enigma Studios
and SETI Berkeley have teamed up to try to uncover the mystery that is
the Wow signal. If you want to know all the facts on UFO’s, if you
want to experience what it would be like to contact other alien
civilizations, and if you want to help us uncover the mystery that the
Wow Signal holds – then become a supporter of Space Pioneer!

Although it seems they missed their target goal on kickstarter, it looks like they’re still planning to go ahead with the game. You can read all about it here!