If you’ve watched any of the videos from the media section of the site, you’ll recognize the place. I have finally tracked down the full video and got some more information about it. The following is taken from the youtube description:

This is a very high quality version of the Smith Recording filmed at the then named smith building in Schatzel Street, Corpus Christi, Texas by an amateur drywall contractor named Mike. As far as I have been led to believe , this recording is NO hoax, it is also not definitive proof that ghosts exist but it is an unknown entity caught on camera 4 times!
This is the first time this recording has been shown on the internet , all the other smith recordings are distorted and unwatchable.

Here’s the first part. The rest can be found after the break.

This was always a fascinating video to me, and honestly I can’t get over the fact that “Mike” sounds like a turkey as he’s running away screaming.