Why would one of the most powerful senators in DC beg his wife to go to an ATM and take out everything it would let her?

According to reports, Richard Burr – now the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee – called his wife on aRichard-Burr-image Friday night to tell her he wasn’t coming home for the weekend.

Then he made a disturbing request: “Tonight, I want you to go to the ATM machine, and I want you to draw out everything it will let you take.”

He wasn’t the only one either… In fact, over in California the CEO of the largest hedge fund in the world was telling his wife the exact same thing.

Recently this story took an even more disturbing turn when a multi-millionaire from Maryland (owner of the largest underground news and research network on the planet) suddenly issued an urgent message from a secluded ranch in the South American mountains.

From 9,240 ft he leaked a video that blows the entire story wide open… and it’s leaving some Americans shocked.

The video – recently posted on the Internet here – reveals a fatal flaw in the US economy – created in the 1970s – that’s about to make every ATM screen near you go dark… and turn the US dollar into the rarest currency on earth.

An event like this could leave millions of Americans cut off from their savings, their investments, and their own bank accounts for months – even years – at a time.

The shocking part is that although this video has been kept under tight wraps up until the now, people are already snatching up as many US dollars as they can. Dollars have been soaring in value over the past year.

Of course in the past few years we’ve seen more than one Internet fly-by-night talking about a coming collapse or currency crisis.

But what’s really disturbing here is that the guy who leaked this video is the founder and president of a media company bigger than the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He even had a corporate legal review every line of it to ensure that it was 100% based in fact.

For the moment, this video is available online HERE (it’s free). How much longer it will remain so, we don’t know, so watch it now.