Got a fan submission from Lee. Hope you guys like it!

My name is Lee. I’m a 17 year old girl and I love animals. In my
house, for years and years, we had three cats and a turtle. My mom was
a firm believer in the fact that “kittens are happiness” but she
didn’t know what was going to happen when she said that.

About three weeks ago, I was walking home from school when I saw a
kitten. It was grey, with one green eye and one blue eye. A real
cutie, to be sure. I paused and it came over to me, mewling
pathetically. I knelt down and it hopped into my lap right away. I was
in love. I touched the feline against my breast and took it home. My
mom thought it was adorable and once we made sure it didn’t have
fleas, she said I could keep him.

He slept in my bed for the night, along with my older cat, Luke. Luke
was the oldest of our cats, a fat orange tabby and he was my childhood
pet. I loved that cat to death and every night he would tuck himself
against my side and purr as he dropped off. When the kitten came into
the picture, he still came into my room, but he wasn’t purring. The
kitten was glaring at him, blue eye shining. I didn’t pay much
attention, they just had to get used to one another.

The next day I came home from school and my mom looked uncomfortable.
She told me Luke had jumped out a window and run into the road. He was
dead. I began to cry my eyes out. I loved Luke. He had been there
through thick and thin and I miss him still. As I wept, the kitten
came to me, mewling. He let me hold him as I cried, getting his fur
all wet.

I was feeling a bit better a few days after. The kitten began sleeping
in the same space that Luke had and, even though I still missed him,
my heart wasn’t as raw. It was later that week that our youngest cat
got hurt. This one was named Argyle. She was the only girl cat we had
and she was always getting into trouble, but she loved to sit in our
laps when she got cold. After an oddly cold day for the time of year,
we found her dead in the laundry room. She had run off with a needle
and thread and eaten them, tearing open her stomach and throat.

That one hurt my mom the worst. She always claimed Argyle as her own,
though that cat loved everyone. That night my mom and her boyfriend
closed their door and our middle cat, Gus, couldn’t sleep in their
bed like he usually did. He ended up with me and the next day I
watched as Gus, a perfectly healthy cat, ran headfirst into a wall and

The vet didn’t know what to make of it.
A week passed. We only had the one kitten who sometimes watched me
sleep with his two-colored eyes.

Then, that weekend, my sister, seven years my elder, invited me over
to hang out. The house just smelled of sorrow to me, so I went, the
cat watching me as I drove away with her.

I got home after the weekend and, on her way home, my sister was hit
by a truck and died. However, she didn’t die right away. She managed
to crawl away from the wreckage and the medics told us that she had
drawn something on the pavement in her own blood before she’d died.
A pair of cat eyes, narrowed in malice.

When we got home from the funeral, the cat jumped into my arms and
whispered into my ear, ”Mine.”

Right now the kitten is sitting at my feet, purring and twitching in a
dream. I’m so scared that the rest of my family will be next, but I
don’t know what to do… please help me.