Monday, January 28, 2008

It has been a while since my last post, and although I do not have anything new that I want to add at this time, I wanted to post just a quick comment.

In the past, I have become a victim when I’ve opened myself up to those of you who have emailed me. Certainly not all of you have an agenda, but if you have read this blog there have been times when I was duped into believing (or researching) various things that have gotten me off the path and slowed me down. Most of you show support or offer your help, which is wonderful, but please understand that in all likelihood I will not respond to your emails directly. Also, as a side note, my inbox is constantly full – 90% of it is spam. Wading through it all can be a daunting task – so I do not check my email on a daily (or even a weekly) basis. I don’t want to discourage you from emailing me, because I do read and appreciate them all, I just want to let you know that I will rarely email you back.

Now to answer a few of those emailed questions…

Q: Where have you been? Are you dead? Did they catch you?
A: Those, plus many more forms of that question have been sent to me. The obvious answer is that I’m still here, maybe just a little bit more low-key.

Q: I live in the area. Can I help?
A: Several emails have come in like this, and my answer is thank you, but no. Often times I don’t even want to be involved with this, and after the fiasco with “Mary” I can say for certain that I will never let that happen again.

Q: Are you still being followed/watched?
A: Not that I have noticed and things seem to be normal, but there is no way to know for certain.

Q: Will you ever go back into the woods?
A: No comment. Let me put it like this, the less I say about it the easier and safer it might be to do.

As always, thank you for your interest in the event that took place near Indian Lake, NY.

posted by John at 1:47 PM