Compared to reports of mysterious animal attacks and mutilations, reports involving humans are somewhat rare. The probable reason is that many such incidents involving people are not recognized for what they are. The possibility is that a massive cover-up by officials world-wide exists to hide the fact that something is preying on humans. If we consider that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, the likely reason for such visitations is scientific exploration. Consider that with billions of galaxies and the likelihood that there are multitudes of different kinds of life scattered across the universe, the Earth is just another source of specimens for extraterrestrial scientists to gather and study. While man’s ego would like to think that we are special in the universe, the hard reality could be that we are just curiosities to be collected, studied, and possibly exploited, and then finally pickled in a jar someplace with the notation: HUMAN, MOSTLY HARMLESS.

WARNING! Clicking the link to read the rest of the article will subject you to graphic images of the human that was allegedly mutilated. They will be at the bottom of the article, so if you’d like to read the rest of the article you can, however be warned that the bottom of the article will contain graphic material.

From 1960 onward, rumors began to be surface about findings of mutilated human corpses, these corpses followed the disturbing pattern and traits of the cattle mutilations that have spread across the world since the 1970’s.

This matter, generally considered to be of very bad taste, surfaced again in 1988 when the Skywatch International open list published a short text purported to be based on a secret report relating the death of an Air Force Sgt (E-6) by the name Jonathan P. Louette, abducted at the White Sands missile test range in March of 1976.

Jonathan Louette who was serving at the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico, a vast remote base where the latest US technology is tested. There are many stories linking White Sands to alien contact and captured alien craft.

The Sergeant and a senior officer were detailed to travel several miles down the missile range in a military vehicle to find and recover any debris from spent missiles. At one point they left their vehicle to scout the desert. They separated in order to cover a wider area of the sand dunes more quickly. Suddenly the officer heard screams in the area of the dunes where the sergeant was searching. He ran towards the noise thinking that a rattlesnake had bitten the sergeant and as he reached the top of the dune, he saw a disc shaped craft hovering low above the ground. A long tentacle coming from the underside of the craft was wrapped around the sergeant. It dragged the screaming man into the craft and then shot away at great speed.

The officer returned to base in a state of shock. When he reported what had happened he was not believed and was arrested for murder. An immediate search of the area failed to find any sign of the sergeant. Three days later Sergeant Louette’s mutilated body was found twenty miles down the range. The mutilations were clinical and precise and involved the removal of the genitals, the rectum and the eyes. Typically there was no blood on the body, but the cardiovascular organs had not collapsed. The officer was released without charge. Although the story was leaked out by people involved in the incident, the military refused to confirm or deny that such an incident had taken place.

Although many strange stories have come out of the Vietnam conflict, there can be none stranger than that reported at a UFO Conference in Las Vegas in 1989 by an ex United States Air Force man who was serving as a photographer in Vietnam in the late sixties. He was involved in a mission to investigate the mysterious crash of a B-52 bomber, and was air lifted by helicopter into the jungle where the plane had gone down. The first surprise was to find the plane intact, and no sign of a crash landing: it was if the plane had been air lifted and placed into position. Inside the cabin, though was a greater shock. The four-man crew were still strapped into their seats, but all had been mutilated with the typical clean-cut wounds that we see in the animal mutilations. After inspecting the plane and photographing both it and the occupants, the investigation team was ordered to burn the plane and the occupants.

As with animal mutilations the human mutilations appear to be happening globally. The best evidence to date has come from Brazil with some convincing if gruesome photographs of a human mutilation, which have been obtained from, police files. Although authorities the world over appear to be united in their desire to keep the whole thing covered up, not all are as sophisticated as the Americans and British, and fortunately for the whole field of research into UFO-related deaths and mutilations, these Brazilian pictures have found their way into the public domain. The mutilated body of a man was found near the Guarapiranga Reservoir in Brazil on 29th. September 1988 and as a matter of course photographs were taken of the corpse. A police technician, Sergio Rubens, later gave copies of these photographs to his cousin, Dr Goes Rubins, who he thought would be interested, in the way the corpse had been mutilated. Appreciating at least partly the significance of the pictures, Dr Rubens showed them to a friend, who he knew was interested in ufology. She immediately recognized the similarity of the wounds to those she has seen in animal mutilations.

When the police were approached for more information, the head of the investigation, Dr Cuenca, surprisingly opened his files: an incredible stroke of luck not just for the original investigators, but for all of us battling to get this subject into the open. Among the papers in the file was the original autopsy report, written by forensic pathologists who had no previous knowledge of mutilations. There were many striking observations.

  1. Although the victim had been dead for forty-eight to seventy-two hours there was no sign of being eaten by animals or starting to rot, as would be expected.
  2. There was no smell.
  3. Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal.
  4. The lips and flesh from the face had been cut away.
  5. The eyes, ears and tongue had been removed.
  6. Neat round holes, one to one and a half inches in diameter, had been made on the shoulders arms and head, stomach and anus and tissue and muscle had been extracted. The holes had not been made by bullets.
  7. The major organs within the chest cavity had been removed, a perfect small hole having been made through which extensive digestive organs had been extracted.
  8. The scrotum, but not the penis had been removed, and all pubic hair had disappeared.
  9. The rectum had been cored out. Despite the devastating mutilations, there was no sign that the victim had been bound or had struggled in any way

When the photographs were first circulated they caused a great stir among serious UFO researchers. It will of course take more than a set of horrific photographs from Brazil to make the authorities open up about the extent to which human bodies are being discovered in a mutilated state, but for those of us who already know a great deal of what is going on, the photographs are an important confirmation. If only there were other people prepared to leak information on this subject, I suspect we would be in for a shock.

Source for Brazilian Human Mutilation Story and Photos: The Cosmic Frontier