In Ainu folklore, Akkorokamui is a octopus-like or fish-like sea monster which supposedly lurks in Hokkaid in Funka Bay. It can be seen from a great distance and is said to have an enormous red body, which can probably explain for its visibility in distance. The Ainu people have long feared this creature, fearful that the creature will have a tendency to swap boats which is why many fishermen carry large sickles with them to protect themselves. Non-Anui have claimed to see this monster as well. In his book, The Ainu and their Folklore, the nineteenth century Englishman and missionary John Batchelor describes an alleged actual incident concerning the Akkorokamui:

In the morning, we found the whole village under a cloud. Three men, it was said, were out trying to catch swordfish, when all at once a great sea monster, with large staring eyes, appeared in front of them and proceeded to attack the boat. A desperate fight ensued. The monster was round in shape, and emitted a dark fluid and noxious odor. The three men fled in dismay, not so much indeed for fear, they say, but on account of the dreadful smell. However that may have been, they were so scared that the next morning all three refused to get up and eat; they were lying in their beds pale and trembling.

Another account from the nineteenth century was that of a Japanese fisherman:

And I saw ahead something huge and red undulating under the waves. I at first thought my eyes deceived me and that I was merely seeing the reflection of sun upon the water, but as I approached, I could see that in fact it was an enormous monster, 80 meters in length at least, with large, thick tentacles as big around as a man’s torso. The thing fixed me with a huge, staring eye before sinking out of sight into the depths.

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