Added a new link to Chasing the Shadows to the links section of the site. From their Synopsis section:

In Chasing the Shadows, documentary filmmaker Tim Schultz sets out on a 4-year journey for answers while exploring his own passion to know if an experience he had as a little boy could have been a ghost. He meets a cast of colorful characters including psychics, tarot reading wizards, paranormal investigators, skeptics, and scientists. His crew has journeyed into numerous haunted locations including the Stanley Hotel, which is famously known for inspiring the classic horror novel The Shining and The Myrtles Plantation, which is said to be the most haunted house in America. They also explore the birthplace of Voodoo located in Benin, Africa, and pay a visit to scientists studying paranormal phenomena in Italy.

The production of this film has been an extraordinary experience. If you accept that it is possible for a spirit to become stuck, for energy to haunt a certain location, no matter the cause of it, then it really brings up many questions about the nature of our true reality and life-after-death. The results are eerie, thought provoking, and often terrifying. His journey into the paranormal reaches a climax when he attempts to contact a friend who passed away during the making of the film.

I cant wait to see this myself. Enjoy!